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DVD Worksheet
Getting Started Demo

Burnt Sienna
Burnt Sienna Ink

1Ē Flat Brush
1/2Ē Bristle Brush
#2 Rigger Brush

1/4 sheet Cold Pressed
(Arches or similar)
Old Towel to wipe
your brushes on
Paper towel to blot ink

© john lovett MMVIII

Brushing up on the basics

This demonstration uses a simple subject and limited palette, allowing you to brush up on your techniques without having to worry about color mixing or careful drawing. Itís great fun to paint and should trigger some ideas for similar limited palette paintings


  • Watch your edges.
    One of the big lessons in this demonstration is edge control. Use your 1Ē flat brush, rinsed clean, dried so itís just damp, to soften the outer edges

  • Confident lines.
    Try to put the pen lines and fine rigger lines in with quick confident strokes - Remember a strong, confident line in the wrong place looks much better than a wobbly, timid line in the right place.

  • Allow things to happen
    Our subject is a rough old tap so bleeding ink lines, scratchy brush marks and the odd splash and splatter will add to the character of the painting. Donít be too concerned with tidying up.